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Wood Treatments – How to Keep Your Wood and Timber Looking Great

Whether it’s decking, ceiling beams, furniture, or a wooden floor – all wood and timber needs proper care and attention to look and stay handsome. At Lakehurst, our professional interior house painters are experienced with all manner of surfaces including cabinet fronts, wooden beams, and even outdoor decking.

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If your wooden surfaces are in need of cleaning, treatment, or a lick of decorative paint, call our experienced Oakville painters today for the best quality paint job in Ontario. In order to keep your wood and timber looking great you must avoid dirt, moisture, and scratches wherever possible. Keep hardwood floors well swept and use dirt trapping mats to prevent grit and dirt scratching the floor. Similarly ensure all shoes (like high heels) and furniture are appropriate for the floor, or use protection.Make sure you monitor the state of your structural beams regularly – any signs of trouble should be reported right away to avoid expensive and potentially devastating damage.Most importantly, treat all of your wooden surfaces properly and promptly to prolong their life and improve their appearance. Our Mississauga painters can advise you on how best to go about painting your wooden surfaces.

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