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Wood Treatments – How to Keep Your Wood and Timber Looking Great

Whether it’s decking, ceiling beams, furniture, or a wooden floor – all wood and timber needs proper care and attention to look and stay handsome. At Lakehurst, our professional interior house painters are experienced with all manner of surfaces including cabinet fronts, wooden beams, and even outdoor decking.

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If your wooden surfaces are in need of cleaning, treatment, or a lick of decorative paint, call our experienced Oakville painters today for the best quality paint job in Ontario. In order to keep your wood and timber looking great you must avoid dirt, moisture, and scratches wherever possible. Keep hardwood floors well swept and use dirt trapping mats to prevent grit and dirt scratching the floor. Similarly ensure all shoes (like high heels) and furniture are appropriate for the floor, or use protection.Make sure you monitor the state of your structural beams regularly – any signs of trouble should be reported right away to avoid expensive and potentially devastating damage.Most importantly, treat all of your wooden surfaces properly and promptly to prolong their life and improve their appearance. Our Mississauga painters can advise you on how best to go about painting your wooden surfaces.

Considerations When Painting the Exterior of Your House

Our house painters in Mississauga use high quality external paints to improve and protect your house. But what colors should you choose to paint the exterior of your home?Firstly, consider colors that harmonize with your interior, roof, surroundings, and neighbours’ houses.

Lakehurst Decor Painting

Generally clients are advised to stick to one or two basic colors for their external scheme. Once your scheme has been established our expert Mississauga painters will help you select the appropriate shades for external painting, this is usually a few shades darker than the initial choice as large surfaces and sunlight can make paints appear much lighter than they look in the tin. We advise that you study color samples outdoor while choosing.If you want to use two or more colors on the facade of your house, avoid highlighting parts of it that aren’t architectural features, like downpipes.

Lakehurst’s Oakville painters use only high quality external paints, to minimize cracking, fading and wearing down of your facade, however you might want to consider how your particular color will ages and whether dust and dirt will affect the presentation of your house.

Have fun and be creative, but avoid extreme contrasts to keep the exterior of your home looking sophisticated and well planned.

5 Steps to Redesigning a Room

Redesigning a room in your home should be a fun and exciting investment – however, taking charge of a redesign has the potential to become stressful, expensive, and unsatisfactory if approached incorrectly.

Lakehurst Decor Painting

  1. Always start with the floors and work your way upwards – The floor is usually the most longstanding and expensive part of a new design.
  2. Make sure you consider existing furniture in your new color scheme. The last thing you want is for your sofa to clash with your vision. Find several ‘key’ furniture items to orientate your choices around.
  3. Take into account, the size, shape, and natural light in the room. Your color, furniture and textile choices should complement these features.
  4. Employ the services of professional and experienced interior house painters. For a truly perfect finish on your walls and ceiling, call in the pros.
  5. Accessories and Accents – this is a final touch that can really underline all of the thought you’ve put into the room, from a throw to a fragrance.

If you’re feeling like your redesign is stressful or unsatisfactory, get in touch with Lakehurst for design advice, and get a free consultation from out Mississauga painters today.

Reasons to Employ the Services of a Professional House Painter

Our professional team at Lakehurst includes interior house painters, external house painting technicians, and cabinet specialists. There’s a reason our business is thriving, and we have so many returning customers. People understand the value of employing the services of professionals.Using a Lakehurst professional painter for your house means you get top quality results, yielded from years of painting and decorating experience.Not only that, but our Mississauga painters come with all of the best materials, equipment, and paint on the market. No DIY job has room to afford the necessary tools for a perfect professional finish.

Lakehurst Decor PaintingOur house painters in Mississauga and beyond come with the best decoration know-how, and can guide your decisions both technically and stylistically.

Our professional house painters can get the job done to a higher standard, in much less time. The final result will be better, the process will be quicker, and the amount of stress will be reduced.Last but not least, professionals are insured. You will always be safe in the hands of Lakehurst – our experienced interior house painters, technicians and specialists mean that you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your home’s new look.

Lakehurst Decor Painting

Our house painters in Mississauga specialize in painting and re-painting kitchen cabinets. The reason our Mississauga painters have developed such robust experience in this field is because painting your cabinets can completely transform your kitchen – changing the ambience, and modernizing the space no matter what your fixtures and fittings are like.Our interior house painters can create a variety of professional finishes on your old kitchen cabinets, uplifting the room and updating the style.For a modern, dramatic look, consider using contrast in the colors of your cabinets – a mixture of dark and light and bring out the sleek edges and shapes of your kitchen while bouncing the light around the room.Bright, positive colors have always been touted to be best used in kitchens – opening up the space, improving communication, and evoking feelings of refreshment, energy, and most importantly – hunger!The kitchen is often the place where families spend the majority of their time, updating the space and using tasteful and strategic colors can bring so much more to the room.Cabinet makeovers are low cost way to add significant value to your home, and bring a new energy into your kitchen space. Call our Mississauga painters today for a free consultation.

How to Keep Your Freshly Painted Room Looking Great for Longer

Our clients often ask our interior house painters how to preserve the perfect professional finish for as long as possible. Using high quality paints and our experienced house painters in Mississauga are important factors in the longevity of your new paint – but there are ways you can keep the freshly painted look for longer. – Dust Your Walls. Use a Swiffer or micro fibre cloth to remove dust and cobwebs from your walls regularly – you’ll be surprised by how much of a difference in makes.

Lakehurst Decor Painting

- Wash Kitchen and Bathroom walls regularly. Reduce the buildup of oils, fats, moisture and mildew by washing your walls regularly – especially in the bathroom and kitchen. Just make sure you’re using the right cleaning methods for the type of paint on your walls.

- Avoid Smoking IndoorsNothing will age your new paint job like smoke will, avoid smoking indoors and regularly dust and clean the walls in rooms with a fireplace- Protect High Contact AreasAround light switches, thermostats, and high traffic areas often see the most wear and tear. Wash these areas more regularly to keep the paint fresh.

  • Call Us for a Touch UpNo matter how well you treat your walls, accidents happen and life goes on. If your paint needs touching up just give us a call for Toronto painters, painters in Oakville, Mississauga painters, and elsewhere.

De-odourizing Your Newly Decorated Room

Many of us love nothing more than the smell of fresh paint, but others want rid of it as soon as possible. Our Team of Toronto Painters suggested that we advise our clients on how best to rid their rooms of that new paint smell after a job.While our Painters in Oakville, Mississauga and beyond use only the best quality paints and will properly ventilate your room as they paint – the fresh smell can be known to linger.